Screaming Eagle Support Program

The Screaming Eagle Support Program, SESP, focuses on helping junior enlisted families who struggle to make ends meet due to unforeseen circumstances and emergencies. The SESP continues to reach more soldiers and their families each year thanks to the generous donations from the 101st Airborne Division Association’s Members.

What is need to be considered for a one-time Grant from the Screaming Eagle Support Program?

1. All applicants need to go to AER first. If you already have an AER loan or were denied a loan, state that in the memorandum.
2. Memorandum signed by a Commander or higher. No orders of assumption allowed.
3. Commander’s contact information.
4. Soldiers contact information.
5. Memorandum needs to list exactly what the soldier needs in dollar amount. Example: Gas 100.00 Food 200.00 Rent 700.00 Car payment 350.00. We do not assist with deposits, cellular phone bill, internet bill, credit card debt, and funeral expenses.
6. Copy of all bills that need to be paid by Grant. Example: Utility bills, Rent agreement, Car payment, Insurance bill.
7. Provide the latest LES.
8. Note only ask for what you really need.